Developing and Implementing County Integrated Development Plans that can Enable Local Communities to Optimise Economic Opportunities in the Extractives Sector, Tourism, Blue Economy and Agribusiness.

Developing and Implementing County Integrated Development Plans In tandem with County Spatial Plans and Responding to Sector Development Potential and Existing Opportunities.

Creating a conducive environment for collaborations and partnerships involving both local and international stakeholders.



Inclusive Voices for Development (IVOD) project comes at the most appropriate time when the 47 county governments in Kenya are about to initiate a citizen participatory process to develop County Integrated Development Plans for the period 2023 – 2027, as per the guidelines contained in the Kenya constitution 2010. After the general elections in August 2022, new governors will assume office in the 47 devolved governance units and will be required to lead citizens and stakeholders to develop 5 year blue prints to guide allocation of resources for different priority sectors meant to spur community development and economic empowerment of local communities. Coincidentally a number of counties such as Kwale, Mombasa, Kilifi, and many others are looking forward to new leadership since the incumbents are completing their 10 years of the stipulated two terms of service.

IVOD is seeking to optimize the participation space to allow communities and stakeholders the opportunity to make significant contributions which can be reflected in the final five year blue print County Integrated Development Plans, County Spatial Plans and County Annual Development Plans.

Specifically the IVOD initiative seeks to achieve the following:

Development of a thriving and environment friendly extractives sector with multiplier effect in economic empowerment of local communities through creation of job opportunities and supply chain opportunities, aligned to the strategic development goals.

Revival and diversification of tourism opportunities including protection of the ocean ecosystems and enhancement of community centred blue economy, through improved mutual coexistence of tourism investments with beach management units, community led conservancies and general local community SMEs, in furtherance of key strategic development goals.

Revival and expansion of agribusiness opportunities to support food sustenance at the household level, and for commercial purposes through value addition and improved relations between investors and local suppliers.

Improved Investor – community relations and coexistence to achieve mutual socio economic development interests, and most importantly address root causes of conflicts and violence associated with marginalization and exclusion of communities from economic opportunities.

Expanding Participation Space for Sector Stakeholders Contributions, collaborations and partnerships to Inform and Influence the CIDPs and Annual development plans including annual reviews to help achieve the above objectives.


Inclusive Voices for Development (IVOD) is a Community Empowerment Platform of the Ummah Initiative Group Supported by Kenya’s Largest Mining Company – Base Titanium, Operating the Kwale Mineral Sands World Class Mine